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Our mission is to find nonpartisan common sense solutions to the problems facing Oregon by focusing on good, sound, consistent public policy and governance at all levels of government.

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Defending 47 small businesses that have been financially devastated by the Governor’s business shutdowns during the pandemic.

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Taking legal action to challenge the Governor’s violation of the Oregon Constitution by granting early release to 1,142 convicted felons without following the clemency process.

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Development of a Constitutional Amendment which will clearly outline and limit the emergency power of the Governor.

Our Issues

Learn more about the most pressing issues Common Sense for Oregon is responding to on behalf of Oregonians. We are tackling these issues on all fronts from research and education of stakeholders, to the courts, the Legislature, and the Executive Branch.

Constitutional Amendment Addressing Governor's Use of Emergency Powers

We are leading an effort to develop an amendment to the Oregon Constitution which will more clearly define the powers of the Governor, the Legislature, and County Commissioners in addressing emergencies.


Based on the recent census, we are tracking Oregon’s redistricting process and working to ensure that the revised districts are fair, free, and equal.

Early Release of Convicted Felons

The massive early release of 1,142  convicted felons is a serious assault on the integrity of Oregon’s criminal justice system.

Estate Tax Reform

Only 11 states, including Oregon, continue to have a death tax, and Oregon imposes one of the most arduous taxes on small to mid-size estates.

Small Businesses

Supporting and defending Oregon’s small businesses.

Measure 11

Common Sense for Oregon is working hard to ensure that victims of Oregon’s most violent and sexual crimes continue to receive justice.

Serving Oregonians

Common Sense for Oregon’s goal is to serve the people of Oregon by making it a better place to live and raise a family.  We advocate for a transparent government and also fight wasteful government spending.  We work for simple and clear government regulation but only where it is needed.  We press for a straightforward, clear, and balanced tax system, which is fair to all.  By protecting Oregon’s 100-year-old initiative system and referendum process, Common Sense for Oregon is an advocate for the voice of the people. Writing and supporting ballot measures allows Common Sense to be on the front lines of the battle for Oregon’s future.

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