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Every ten years a national census is done to determine the number of people residing in each state which then determines the number of seats each state is apportioned in the U.S. House of Representatives.  For the first time in forty years, Oregon has gained a Congressional seat, going from five to six seats.  Currently, Oregon is going through the redistricting process.  The Legislative Assembly, through the Senate and House Redistricting Committees, is redrawing district boundaries so that roughly equal populations are allocated to the 60 state House districts, the 30 state Senate districts, and the six U.S. Congressional districts.   The Legislative Assembly must submit a plan by September 27, 2021.  Common Sense for Oregon is tracking Oregon’s redistricting process and is working to ensure that the revised districts are fair, free, and equal.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Over the course of the pandemic, small businesses across Oregon have navigated the ever-changing landscape of newly instituted COVID regulations which have severely limited their ability to conduct business and survive.  Common Sense for Oregon is assisting small businesses across Oregon to stay afloat and function despite Governor mandated policies.

Measure 11

Measure 11

Kevin Mannix authored Measure 11 in response to the impact low prison resources and sentencing guidelines were having on Oregonians, especially the victims of violent crime, and their families.  Voter-approved Measure 11 establishes mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment for criminals who have been convicted of 16 of the worst levels of violent and sexual crimes.  Measure 11 does not involve sentences for property crimes or drug crimes. 


Executive Order Challenge

Common Sense for Oregon encourages all Oregonians to be socially responsible and to take action which will reduce the potential spread of coronavirus. All of the litigation described here has to do with recognizing that the Governor has short-term emergency powers to allow her to act beyond regular law. But her Executive Orders had run beyond the time limits allowed by law. We took the position that the Governor must call the Legislature into session to deal with changes in the government appropriations and any extraordinary measures that may be necessary to address the coronavirus pandemic. 

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