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Supporting Small Businesses Facing Arbitrary Lockdowns

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Over the course of the pandemic, small businesses across Oregon have navigated the ever-changing landscape of newly instituted COVID regulations which have severely limited their ability to conduct business and survive.  Common Sense for Oregon is assisting small businesses across Oregon to stay afloat and function despite Governor mandated policies.

Common Sense for Oregon is supporting litigation challenging the Oregon Lottery’s cancellation of contracts for businesses which allegedly have not fully complied with the Governor’s orders to close these businesses as part of the effort to reduce the Covid 19 epidemic.  Common Sense is also supporting legal challenges to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission suspensions of licenses as to businesses which allegedly did not fully comply with the Governor’s lockdown orders.  These are businesses that have complied with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines but simply could not afford to shutdown temporarily if they are to remain in business.

Common Sense is supporting challenges to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health’s imposition of extraordinary fines as to businesses which allegedly failed to comply with lockdown orders and other mandates issued by the Governor regarding the Covid 19 epidemic.  Most of these fines violate the Oregon Constitution’s prohibition against excessive fines.  To our knowledge, none of these businesses have had a breakout of a coronavirus infection among their employees or customers.

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