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Looking for a way that gives back to Oregonians? Contribute to our organization to keep common sense in our state.

We have two Common Sense for Oregon organizations: Common Sense for Oregon, Inc. and Common Sense for Oregon Foundation.

Contributions to Common Sense for Oregon Foundation are tax-deductible because we engage in research and public education but we do not carry on lobbying. Our separate organization, Common Sense for Oregon, Inc., carries on lobbying and political advocacy. So, contributions to Common Sense for Oregon, Inc. are not tax-deductible. Either way, your contribution helps the cause.

You can contribute to either organization by sending your check to:

2007 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

Be sure to use the word “Foundation” if you want to support the research/public education group.

You may also send a donation online through our PayPal account or give a gift in memory of a loved one and we will add that memorial on our website.

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