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About Us

Board of Directors

Kevin Mannix, President

Kevin, a graduate from the University of Virginia School of Law, has run his own law firm in Salem since 1986.  He is also an engaged politician having served as both a state Representative and state Senator.  Kevin first served as a Democrat in the Oregon House of Representatives for four terms.  He was later appointed to the Oregon Senate as a Republican and later elected to the Oregon House of Representatives as a Republican.  He also served as the Chair of the Oregon Republican Party.  In all instances Kevin worked well with politicians and stakeholders from both sides of the aisle because his approach to issues is to focus on what brings people together, not what tears them apart.  Kevin founded Common Sense for Oregon because he believes common sense, not special interests, should be setting Oregon’s path.

Michelle Mhoon, Secretary

Ron Welter, Treasurer

Michele Fletchall, Board Member

Frank Salerno, Board Member

Lowell Smith, Board Member

Our Mission

Common Sense for Oregon was founded with a mission to find nonpartisan common sense solutions to the problems facing Oregon by focusing on good, sound, consistent public policy and governance at all levels of government.

Common Sense For Oregon logo

About The Foundation

Common Sense for Oregon Foundation is an Oregon non-profit charitable corporation recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation carries out research and analysis as well as education projects.  Contributions to Common Sense for Oregon Foundation are tax-deductible.

About The Corporation

Common Sense for Oregon, Incorporated is an Oregon non-profit corporation recognized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Corporation focuses on supporting or opposing issues through lobbying efforts.

Serving Oregonians

Common Sense for Oregon’s goal is to serve the people of Oregon by making it a better place to live and raise a family.  We advocate for a transparent government and also fight wasteful government spending.  We work for simple and clear government regulation but only where it is needed.  We press for a straightforward, clear, and balanced tax system, which is fair to all.  By protecting Oregon’s 100-year-old initiative system and referendum process, Common Sense for Oregon is an advocate for the voice of the people. Writing and supporting ballot measures allows Common Sense to be on the front lines of the battle for Oregon’s future.

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